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Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

Simply put, Cornwall is a beautiful county, packed with history, culture and some of the best coastline in the UK. If not THE best.

And come rain, shine, wind or snow it’s a place you’ll never regret visiting. Despite this, most people only consider a holiday in Cornwall during summer.

This summer, which has now cooled from a sweltering peak and is fading out, has been one of Cornwall’s busiest ever.
It’s thought that 20% more visitors than in 2017 made a pilgrimage to Cornwall, spurred on by the laughably hot weather.

Tourism is the lifeblood of Cornwall, and the huge economic injection it brings each summer is welcome. But, Cornwall doesn’t disappear on September the 1st. Would you like to visit a chilled out, quieter Cornwall? Nearly everyone would, but summer wins, time and time again. Be different.

Newquay is one of Cornwall’s top holiday destinations, and it’s still alive and kicking in autumn.

Here’s what autumn in Newquay has to offer –

Newquay Fish Festival – 7th ,8th & 9th September

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

Cornwall without seafood would be no Cornwall at all. Underpinning Cornish culture is a passion for the ocean’s bounty, and drive to create the best seafood to be found anywhere.

Newquay Fish Festival is a three-day annual event, bringing together inquisitive holidaymakers, local fishing communities and top chefs from around Cornwall. You’ll get to sample some delicious seafood and see the pros in action with energetic cooking demonstrations.

There’s also live music and Cornish produce stalls to wander around. Even if seafood isn’t your thing, it’ll be a great day. (It will help though, if you’re partial to the odd prawn).

World Bellyboarding Championships – 8th September

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

It’s back! After a two-year hiatus.

The World Bellyboarding Championships held at Chapel Porth Beach is mix of vintage nostalgia, outlandish fancy dress and that “leave your ego at the door” abandon that’s in short supply.

It’s free, and anyone can take part. Don’t have a bellyboard? A piece of wood will do. You’ve not lived until you’ve carved a wave on your belly, using a random piece of wood. Honestly, it’s brilliant fun.

If you don’t feel like getting wet and taking the occasional mouthful of seawater you can watch from the shore, where there’s music and cake competition.

The BIG Crantock Bale Push – 14th September

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

This is exactly what it sounds like.

Competitors must push a 4ft 6 bale of hay, weighing 420 lbs around the village of Crantock. You’re welcome to take part if you want?
Isn’t it something you've dreamed of doing?

This is one of those crazy, yet wonderfu,l only in the South West events. It’s bound to be a night packed with laughter and flushed faces – plus all proceeds go to charity.

If you’re around, don’t miss it.

Newquay Beer Festival  – 21st, 22nd & 23rd September

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

Newquay Beer Festival is a beer lovers dream. No frills*, just beer – 50 to choose – from Cornwall and beyond. It’s just sea beyond Cornwall? Sea beer?

If you sample 25ml (1 shot) of each one that would be just over two pints worth.

Whichever way you decide to address such an impressive array of beers, know, that like the bale push, your money will be going to a good cause.

*Oh, except loads of amazing live bands and some tasty food.

The Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival 2018 – 14th, 15th & 16th September

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018
Photo courtesy of Little Orchard 

Described by Visit Newquay as “…a three-day event fusing live music, secret cider walks, tractor rides and glamping in hobbit huts”.

The Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival has been selected by the BBC as one of their official ‘summer of music’ festivals (although it’s technically in autumn). Following a sell-out year in 2017, the festival is returning with a BBC ‘introducing’ stage featuring lots of diverse sounds, and cult legends The Wurzels headlining.

Tickets are almost gone, so be quick!

British National Surfing Championships 2018 – 6th & 7th October

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

Fistral beach isn’t just another surfing beach, it’s the home of British surfing. There’s a huge surf complex, and each year it plays host to many national surfing events.

Autumn is the peak of the Cornish surfing calendar, when low pressure systems in the Atlantic generate monster swells. The main event of the year is the British National Surfing Championships, attracting top surfers from around the UK.

Even watching is adrenaline fuelled. 

An Evening of Stargazing at Bedruthan Steps – 13th October

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

A rugged part of Cornwall’s coastline, rife with folklore and legend. Standing on the cliffs here, high above the giant stacks, as white tipped storm waves thrash in the bay – is awe-inspiring. 
What’s also awe-inspiring is stargazing at Bedruthan – which has been awarded with international dark sky discovery status.

A night sky awash with stars, some so small and numerous they appear hazed; like smoke from a burnt out sun and behind the stars is blackness upon blackness, folding into itself eternally.

If you’re a fan of contemplating the stars, pop to Bedruthan Steps on the 13th October at 7:30 pm, for a guided sky-tour with the ‘Kernow Astronomers’.

Night Surf at Fistral Beach – 26th/ 27th October

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018
Photo courtesy of Visit Cornwall

This is one of the only night surfing events in the world, and not to be missed. As night draws in, an international group of surfers will head into the ever-darkening waves to battle it out – in a mesmerising floodlit scene.

Impressive surfing, DJs, an amazing beach party atmosphere and a firework finale will make this event wildly popular – and one for the holiday diary.

Lowender Peran Festival – 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th November

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018

Much like Wales, Ireland, Scotland and The Isle of Man, Cornwall has a Celtic heritage that runs deep. Lowender Peran is a charity created to encourage, enjoy and preserve Cornwall’s Celtic roots.

The festival is a family friendly event, welcoming likeminded people from all around the world – to enjoy Celtic music, dance, arts and culture.

Newquay Sea View Hotel

Things to Do in Newquay: Autumn 2018
Photo - Pentire Hotel View 

Especially for the surf events, the best place to stay this autumn is in Newquay, and perfect place to stay in Newquay is in the Pentire Hotel.

Pentire has epic views of Fistral Beach and welcomes a diverse range of guests – from young families to surfers and artists. You’ll find yourself in great company, and in a prime position from which to explore Cornwall – a county like no other.

Written by Tom Hall