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How well do you really know Cornwall?

Many of you have had spring trips to our beautiful county cancelled or postponed as the Coronavirus situation has unfolded, and many more will be feeling unsure as to whether your summer plans may be affected.

We thank you for your patience in delaying your trip and protecting our residents and local resources, and we hope that the thought of a well-deserved trip to the Cornish coast in the future gives you something positive to look forward to in these strange and uncertain times.

To bring a little slice of Cornwall into your homes, and hopefully put a smile on your face, we’ve put together this 'How well do you really know Cornwall?' quiz. Test your knowledge of your favourite county or challenge your family and friends...good luck!

Answers are at the bottom (no peeking...)

1. In what month of the year is patron St Pirans Day celebrated?

a) March

b) January

c) September 

2. What is the capital city of Cornwall?

a) Truro

b) Padstow

c) Penzance 

3. In Cornwall, it is customary to put the jam and cream on your scone in which order?

a) Jam on top

b) Cream on top

c) Both at the same time 

4. The Tate Gallery and Barbara Hepworth museums are situated in which Cornish town?

a) St Austell

b) Penryn

c) St Ives 

5. Actress, Dame Kristin Scott-Thomas, and musician, Mick Fleetwood were both born in which Cornish town?

a) Liskeard

b) Redruth

c) Looe 

6. How many coastlines does Cornwall have?

a)  1

b)  2

c)  3 

7. Scenes for which James Bond film were filmed at the Eden Project in Cornwall?

a) Casino Royale

b) Goldeneye

c) Die Another Day  

8. Which Cornish castle has associations with King Arthur?

a) Pendennis Castle

b) Launceston Castle

c) Tintagel Castle 

9. What is ‘Cornwall’ is the Cornish language?

a) Kernow

b) Cymru

c)  Kernewek 

10. Which of these words means ‘house’ in Cornish?

a) Bal

b) Chy

c) Mor 

11. Which of the following programs is not filmed in Cornwall?

a) Doc Martin

b) Broadchurch

c) Poldark 

12. Cornish town, Padstow, is synonymous with which celebrity chef?

a) Rick Stein

b) Jamie Oliver

c) Gordon Ramsay 

13. Which Cornish beach is most famous for its surf?

a) Porthmeor Beach

b) Kynance Cove

c) Fistral Beach 

14. Which Cornish town is home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the United Kingdom, with over 40 acres of harbour?

a) Newlyn

b) Penryn

c) Penzance 

15. Which Cornish peninsula is the most southern point in the United Kingdom?

a) Land’s End

b) Lizard Point

c) Roseland Peninsula 

Thank you for taking part! Now, how did you do...

Scroll to see the all-important answers.

Answers: 1. A – March, 2. A – Truro, 3. B – The correct way, cream on top, 4. C – St Ives, 5. B – Redruth, 6. A – 1, 7. C – Die Another Day, 8. C – Tintagel Castle, 9. A – Kernow, 10. B – Chy, 11. B – Broadchurch, 12. A – Rick Stein, 13. C – Fistral Beach, 14. A - Newlyn, 15. B - Lizard Point

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