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Surf in Newquay: Our Top Tips for Beginners

Our beautiful seaside town is known for one thing above all - Surfing. The town is a pilgrimage site for surfers and attracts thousands of young and old beginners and experts to enjoy the waves. There's even a world-famous festival - Boardmasters which overtakes Fistral Beach each year to celebrate all things surfing. So if you've never tried surfing before, we've listed some top tips to help you get out there on the waves.

1. Don't go it alone!

No matter how effortless the pros make it look, surfing is tricky to get the knack of, and you can easily get in trouble quickly. There are many surf schools in Newquay that'll teach you the basics, or if you've got a friend who's a dab hand at riding the waves, that can be a good option too. One-to-one lessons with a surf teacher can also be an excellent investment to quickly get the most out of your surf trips and make progress. A good surf instructor will not only give you knowledge but inspire you too, and hopefully help you develop a love for surfing that'll keep you coming back for more.

2. No need to splash out

Surfing is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and get fit simultaneously, but as with most sports, some equipment is required. Don't fall into the trap of 'all the gear and no idea'. You'll need a board and a wetsuit, and these can be hired from all the surf schools in Newquay. Get a large foam board. Whilst you're learning, this will help with stability and learning the basics. Stay away from smaller, stiffer fibreglass boards and fins. You'll catch fewer waves, fall off more and could seriously injure yourself or other water users.

3. Choose your beach wisely

Choose a beach that is appropriate for beginners. That means beaches without big riptides or drop-offs. The beaches of Newquay and North Cornwall are perfect for this. Fistral is lifeguard patrolled and known for its steady, reliable surf. Once you're at the beach, take your time. Get familiar with the conditions, make sure you've read any safety info and taken notice of any flagged areas. Do your stretching, check your equipment and take a moment to watch the surf. You can learn a lot from watching what the other surfers do.

4. Walk before you Run

While a wetsuit is technically optional, it's well worth it to keep you warm in the water because guess what? On your first surfing trip, you'll spend a lot of time either sitting still on your board or falling off it! The 'Walk before you can run' saying is well applied here, paddle before you surf and get used to sitting on the board before you stand up. Rome wasn't built in a day, and getting the basics set will make your surfing journey much more fun and fulfilling in the long run.

5. Have Fun!

Remember, everyone started somewhere, and the best experience is one that leaves you wanting more. So don't beat yourself up when you get wiped out or worry about catching the perfect wave and looking good for the photos. Set some goals that you want to achieve that are realistic for you, then having fun smashing them!

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