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Top Tips for Cooking with Wild Garlic in Spring

Young green leaves

Grab a bunch of the young green leaves, best before the white star-shaped flowers form

Local Wild Garlic (Ransoms) is in Season

During the spring months of March and April, there is an abundance of wild garlic all over the UK. If you live local to deciduous woodland and chalky soil areas, it's one of the easiest plants to discover because the pungent aroma of garlic is the first thing you notice. Unlike the bulbs of common garlic that you buy, it is the young, tender leaves of the wild garlic (also known as Ransoms) that you use in the kitchen. Best picked before the pretty white star-shaped flowers open, you will find loads of this tasty, seasonal ingredient growing right now. That said, with current travel restrictions in place, you should only gather wild garlic this year if it is growing local to where you take your once a day daily exercise.

Wild garlic

Wild garlic can be found in spring within deciduous woodland and chalky soil areas

Cooking with Wild Garlic

Try using the delicious garlic leaves chopped in creamy scrambled eggs with buttered crumpets, add them to a hearty cheese sarnie, or stir into a warming bowl of homemade soup. Alternatively, use them to make a fragrant flavoured oil and drizzle onto a salad or other savoury dishes that would benefit from a garlic flavoured twist. The pretty white star-shaped flowers also pack-a-punch of flavour and can be used to scatter over salads and snacks.

garlic leaves

Delicious garlic leaves chopped in creamy scrambled eggs with buttered crumpets

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